Monday, June 15, 2009

Supplement Ad Claims

Okay I have a Google AdSense account, hence the ads on the side of the page. You might be thinking to yourself why are you advocating the use of steroids, fat loss pills and strange machines? Google generates those ads automatically based on the content of my blog. Think of it. A search engine thinks that if I blog about wellness and fitness I would be interested in those products. Sad isn't it? Young athletes are getting their information on the net on how to become star performers at the top of their game and what are they bombarded with? Those ads.

Do some research. Read about my documentary at:
Here you'll find that most of the stuff being pushed is junk and none of it by itself will get you ripped...none of it. Only hard work.

That being said, read what the ads are claiming. What emotional response are they generating in you? Vanity and the hope of being more attractive? STOP dead in your tracks if that is a claim. Those features in you come from within.

So again look at those ads, study them read them and understand how they are pushing product. In my documentary this subject is not only explored and exposed but you also will learn how to get ripped. All I can tell you is that it is all mental and must be experienced in order to understand it fully. My hope is that I Want To Look Like That Guy will paint a clear picture to everyone as to what it really takes to look lean and ripped. I'll say it again you won't find it in a bottle. Trust me. If if were that easy then we would all be ripped and shredded am I right or wrong?

So then what is the secret to being ripped. There is no secret. I'll tell you in a nutshell how to do it. Execute a well thought out plan that encompasses diet and exercise and never veer from the path until you achieve your look. That means, you GO to the Gym even when you don't want to. You eat the right foods at the right time. Eat lots of crunchy greens and protein. Drink whey protein and use replacement meals for when you are on the go.

Do this every day for 6 months. No beer, no candy, no fast food, no dessert, no pop. Just execute and you will be ripped in just 180 days...maybe longer it all depends on you.

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