Friday, June 19, 2009

Help us spread the word...

Hello again. Well the movie still is not officially released. Only a few 100 have been sold and guess what? Someone who bought it thought it would be a fantastic idea to upload it to a download site. That's pirating and illegal. We know pretty much how it happened and who may have done it. My question is why? Why delete all the hard work we put into this movie. I wish we could do this for free but we can't. Movies are not made for free. They employ 100's if not thousands of people. I was on a forum with a guy who thought it was funny. I pleaded with him not to upload it but he did and flaunted it, teased me about it. The arrogance and ignorance of such an action steamed me because it's hurting Jeff Willet's business and mine. People who have bought the movie think it's one of the best movies about a lay person venturing into the bodybuilding world ever made. It's gritty, funny and emotional. But here's one guy who thought it would be funny to get back at me for telling him what not to do with the movie, upload it. Yet he did and told me he can't stop me and a few f bombs later he was so proud of himself.

His action is causing us to lose sales, lots of sales. In this economy it really hurts us all. We put 2 years into this film and now we are on a bed of nails every night hoping people will find it better of themselves to NOT download it off a file sharing site.

If you know of anyone doing this please stop them. Make them think about what they are doing. Who they are hurting. We are not getting rich off this movie. All we want to do is tell a great story and possibly help people achieve their goals.

Okay some people who haven't bought the movie are saying $30 is too much. Well this movie has in it a full consultation that Jeff charges $250 for. Plus you get a full diet plan to follow, the same one I did so you can try it for yourself. Jeff Willet won the overall team universe championship in 2003 and got his pro card to be in the IFBB without steroids. You can only do that with hard work and study nutrition like it's nobodies business. 13 years of knowledge and experience is captured in this movie and giving it away for $30 is nothing. This is a movie people have said they watch 3 and 4 times. If $30 is too much then fine we understand but please don't steal it. If anything find a friend who owns it an borrow it.

All we ask is that you please don't download any movie, not just ours. The feds watch those sites and pick victims at random. Do you want to be one? If you know it's wrong then it's wrong.

I promise I won't come to your place of business and take something of value from you. Please don't do that to our company either. Thank you.


  1. How do we get a copy of the various diet's you use in the movie?

  2. File sharing is a contentious issue, which hasn't been helped by the major film studios and record labels artificially inflating prices for their wares via download. Think about iTunes charging the same price to download an album for the same price as a physical CD. Kind of like tying a lead weight to a simple file that is downloaded via an internet connection, which is paid for by the user. It's kind of criminal in it's own right that these companies have been allowed to do this........

    Things there need to change and these industries need to realise that if they want to stop downloads, they need to adapt their prices.

    All the time the majors are doing this, small independent films and music will be ripped because people tend to have a 'Robin Hood' mentality and almost see their actions as a protest against the current system.

    For the record, I'm ordering this movie. No downloads for me. I want the filmmaker to profit from my purchase. Only problem is I'm overseas and postage costs more than the price of the DVD. Ho hum.......

  3. Yeah Stuart, I'll be buying a copy ASAP. Wish there was something you could do about the pirates.

  4. Is there a paypal donate button somewhere that I'm not seeing? I liked the movie, but I'm not paying $30 for something I watched once and probably will never watch again. I'd gladly donate $10 though.