Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fitness Documentary

I just finished my documentary called I Want to Look Like That Guy. It's about one mans obsession to look like the guys you see in fitness ads like the bowflex guy. What we discover is that no machine, pill, diet or book will singularly give you single digit body fat levels. The movie follows film maker (me) Stuart MacDonald over a 6 month period to see what it really takes to look like those guys. It's shocking and will blow every myth and method of weight loss out of the water.

I'll give you tid bits here and there about the movie but first I want you to watch the trailer and see for yourself what the movie is about. Then we'll talk about how I lost 50 lbs and achieved a 5% bodyfat body. It will open your mind about how fitness ads are missleading and sell an ideal that is an illusion.

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